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Sahara’s History and Time line of Events: 2004 to 2010


Sahara of South Florida, a vibrant women’s organization has been working since 2004 to reduce the incidence of violence against women in Asian communities. Sahara meaning “support” in Hindi and Urdu is a Miami based community group working to combat domestic violence and support to women in distress within the South Asian communities of South Florida.

Violence against women is an epidemic that knows no cultural, class, race or religious boundaries; however South Asian women in particular face unique challenges. Many South Asian women experience isolation and cultural inhibitions to report domestic violence. Language as well as cultural barriers and lack of knowledge regarding community resources makes it increasingly challenging for those affected by domestic violence within South  Asian communities

Sahara was born out of an urgent and increased need for culturally sensitive and appropriate information to be made available to South Asian women of Miami Dade and Broward Counties. Sahara was founded in 2004 as a joint project of Miami-Dade Asian American Advisory Board (AAAB) and Women’s Advocacy Project (WAP) of Women’s Fund of Miami to address   lack of awareness of domestic violence issues and paucity of resources  in Asian communities .In the last seven years, Sahara has grown from a small group of South Asian women who were responding and assisting survivors of violence and women in distress in their ethnic and religious communities into a well organized and strategic organization ,whose core programs include raising awareness about violence against women in South Asian communities and, providing culturally sensitive advocacy and support to survivors. Sahara also strives to develop women’s leadership and educate service providers and the community at large regarding the empowerment of South Asian women.

Sahara is very proud of its accomplishments in the past seven years. From outreach events to fund raisers, domestic Violence trainings and discussions, we continue to spread awareness regarding the occurrence of domestic violence in South Asian communities and strive to provide intervention as well as prevention. These are some of our accomplishments since Sahara was established.

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